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Access up to $15,000 of your pending commissions whenever you want them using eCommission, an eXp approved partner. eCommission allows real estate professionals to quickly and easily access the commissions they’ve already earned in order to keep their businesses running smoothly.

Consistent Cash Flow

From the time a sale goes under contract, agents typically wait several weeks or months to be paid. eCommission solves the problem of inconsistent cash flow by enabling agents to receive access to their commissions whenever they need them.

Streamline Income for Expenses

By advancing commissions from pending sales during productive months, agents can streamline their income to ensure funds are available consistently to invest in common business expenses like advertising, marketing, continuing education, lead generation and so on.


Our primary value proposition is our technology enabling our expeditious application and funding process that is unparalleled across the industry. 

Agent Discount

eCommission offers eXp agents up to 10% off a pending sale transaction with promotional code EXP.


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